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At the age of 14, I climbed to the summit of Mulhacen, the highest peak in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, with the companion to whom I owe this great passion for adventure, Julian Garcia. This initial, relatively un-notable experience in the mountains revealed to me a world full of new and exciting dimensions. For many years I had been waiting to join Julian on the adventures that he told me about, when I had the opportunity to first meet him. And this experience forged inside me a new lifestyle, driven by an admiration, respect and passion for the mountains, around which I continue to revolve.

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I have been privileged and very fortunate to have visited many of the world’s mountain ranges and wilderness areas, climbing and exploring within them and paying respectful homage to communities and cultures which inhabit their foothills and margins. The Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Andes, Pamir, Himalaya, Atlas, Siberia, Greenland and Lapland…landscapes which diminish my size in the face of immense beauty and instil a true and peaceful happiness. After training to become a mountain and wilderness guide, I turned my professional career around and dedicated my life to experiencing that look in my companion’s eyes when we arrive at locations which I have already fallen in love with.


In time, another element emerged and I saw how this lifestyle that the mountains were teaching me had become a model for my daily life, a model which could also help others to reconnect with their most basic and aligned sense of being. This, I have to recognise has been a gift for me, a vision and philosophy which I am sincerely looking forward to sharing with you.

Thank you for exploring this window to my world, if the mountains are your dream I will be happy to guide you.


· Mountain leader. AEGM & UIMLA.

· Wilderness Guide - Arctic Guide Level II. WGA.

· Mountain guide for people with disabilities. UNED.

· Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification. WAFA - EWES.


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     Lenin peak (up to 7000 m.) and Korzhenevskaya (up to 6500 m.) in the

     Pamir mountain range.


     MontBlanc, Montblanc de Tacul, Dom, Gran Paradiso, Weissmies,

     Breithorn, Allalinhorn among others in the Alps. Toubkal, M'Goun

     among others in the Moroccan Atlas. Huescarán and Ampato in the

     Andes mountain range.


     Naranjo de Bulnes, Mulhacen and Veleta on their North faces.


     Wintry in Pyrenees, Gredos and Sierra Nevada.


    Himalaya, Andes, Alps and Atlas.


    Winter traverses in Sweden, Norway, Yamal, Iceland and Greenland.


· Founder, director and mountain guide at LATITUD NOMADA.

· Mountain guide and project manager at X-PLORE GROUP.

· Navigation and arid enviorments instructor at EWES.

· CAFEMN training partner at AGORA INTERNACIONAL.

· Trainer in prevention and rescue in avalanches at ECAM.

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