In my experience as a mountain guide I have discovered that simply accompanying people to the mountain, teaching them or reminding them of skills that are intrinsic to the human being and that are engraved in our DNA (making a shelter , making a fire or orienting ourselves by natural means), these same people focus their attention on the most basic and simple. They focus their attention on what they have forgotten, neglected and unstable, and on what they try to build a way of life with feet of clay.

For many of these people it is like an awakening , a reunion with the dreaming child that one day they were and a great question opens up to which they are no longer afraid to seek an answer . They are now aware that they want to rethink their principles at the most basic and simple level and from there, and with a solid base , build a more complete, happy, conscious, committed, responsible and dynamic human being . Is this the profile of the person your company is looking for?


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