In my experience as a mountain guide, I have learnt that by simply accompanying people in the mountains, by teaching or reminding them of the skills which are intrinsic to the very substance of humans, written in our primal DNA (making shelter, creating fire, navigating and orientating by natural means) these same people focus their attention on the most basic of tasks. These same people focus their attention on the skills and tasks that have been forgotten and neglected in the complexities of modern life.

For many, these experiences are an awakening, a reconnection with their childhood, to a time when the world was yet to be discovered and to ask questions and seek answers without fear. For many, these experiences re-centre their principles at their most basic connections, they rethink their lives and construct new foundations on which to build happier, more conscious, committed, responsible and dynamic human beings. Is this the profile of the person you are looking for?

Image by Courtnie Tosana


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