Blind people spending the night in a snow cave

alone or walking autonomously, without directional bars or support arm, for

a snowy plato in Norway for days

in the middle of winter, people in wheelchairs, Joëlette , enjoying the Ordesa canyon , the top of Teide, the highest peak in Norway ... where are the limits? I firmly believe that each one imposes or exceeds their own limits regardless of their abilities, although it is true that I have seen blind people do things that break any concept of physical limitation, but above all psychological.

I came to mountain handycap world almost by chance,

I have been trained, I work assiduously especially with blind people but it has become one of my favorite professional facets , since I can combine any destination with the challenge of reaching it with people willing to break down barriers and limitations.

If you have found this page, you are already one step closer to breaking, once again, those limitations that some say you have, I am happy to contribute my knowledge and experience to help you achieve it.


I want to accompany you to one of the

more rugged and spectacular areas

Norway, the National Park

of Hardangervidda, the largest plateau in Europe. Winter crossing with pulkas in total self-sufficiency. A unique adventure

in a place where Amundsen

he planned his polar expeditions.

latitud nomada noruega




Let's share the migration of one of the last nomadic peoples on the planet, the Nenets, who every year roam the cold lands of northern Siberia with their huge herds of reindeer looking for pasture. Perhaps one of the last truly nomadic and authentic experiences that can be lived near the old continent.

After spending a week crossing the frozen lakes of Hardangervidda , in Norway dragging our pulkas, sleeping in our tents or in snow caves made by ourselves, I have heard a blind person say, " I have seen again ... ". I am really looking forward to helping more people have that feeling.

latitud nomada noruega




We have surrounded the Montblanc massif crossing three countries for nine days, we have followed in the footsteps of Osa Camille in the Pyrenees for seven days ... the great trekkings are a unique experience of inclusion, in which the disabilities and capacities of all group members humanize an unforgettable experience.

The highest peak in Norway, Galdhøpiggen, the ascent to the Grande Sassiere, the highest trek in the alps, Mulhacen, Toubkal, Kilimanjaro ...

What mountain do you dream of? What is the next challenge you want to face? What new barrier do you want to break? The experiences that I have lived in the tops of the mountains with people who are blind are unforgettable, for them and for me. Where are we going?





Fortunately, today we have tools that help us that people with reduced mobility can access some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes. The Joliette chair will allow you to ascend the Mulhacen, tour the Ordesa valley or climb the Teide. Your dream and I will look for the solution

A blind person spending the night alone in a snow cave that he has made himself, or indicating to his companions which is the best way to make fire in nature, or being able to orient himself by the position of the sun ... , survival is a team task and your abilities count, let's work on them ...



Caminito del rey Latitud NOmada.jpg


We have walked the king's path, the Cares gorge , the Borosa river, all the greenways, mythical paths that everyone talks about for their beauty and accessibility, the perfect place to enjoy and be as autonomous as possible on your excursions . I want to accompany you to that destination that you have had in mind for a long time.

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