Long ago I dreamed of an arctic crossing,

I saw myself with my pulka and my skis crossing a huge frozen lake and camping on

ice for days. I searched for information

just like you can look for a trip to the moon,

Like an almost unattainable dream. One day i attended I was going to a conference on the Inuit people , the name by which the indigenous peoples of Greenland are known, and when I finished I was heading to the door, when something prompted me to turn around and approach the person who gave the conference. I told him that I was a mountain guide and that I was very attracted to arctic environments, he gave me a phone number and a week later I was training as an arctic guide.


Today I am lucky to have made

various arctic crossings in Lapland, Siberia

and Greenland, where I spent almost three months in a small town on the west coast.

I also participate in the training of new

arctic guides in the European Wilderness

Education School and I teach courses

winter survival. The arctic has made me fall in love and the dream came true.

Do you have a dream? Maybe in this very

instantly begins to fulfill ...


I want to accompany you to one of the

more rugged and spectacular areas

Norway, the National Park

of Hardangervidda, the largest plateau in Europe. Winter crossing with pulkas in total self-sufficiency. A unique adventure

in a place where Amundsen

he planned his polar expeditions.

latitud nomada noruega (2).jpg




Let's share the migration of one of the last nomadic peoples on the planet, the Nenets, who every year roam the cold lands of northern Siberia with their huge herds of reindeer looking for pasture. Perhaps one of the last truly nomadic and authentic experiences that can be lived near the old continent.

Both the east and west coasts are absolutely wild territories of inhospitable beauty that make you feel the greatness of nature in all its extension. Rich Inuit culture in a single country with two totally different landscapes depending on whether we go in the harsh and cold winter or in the summer, where life makes its way in the most isolated places.





Following the road called by Sami, "road to nowhere" we arrive at Sarek National Park, an authentic wild and isolated reserve in Sweden where its countless lakes and valleys hide solitude, peace and the northern lights. Our pulkas must carry everything necessary to face these extreme conditions. Adventure in its purest form.

Between December and April the northern end of the Baltic Sea is usually frozen, which allows us to experience one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, moving on the frozen sea with our skis. The area is full of islands that will offer us refuge in these extreme conditions.



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